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Dyad’s superb production of Jane Eyre gives the audience real insight to Jane’s world. Rebecca Vaughan is incredibly talented. This production sees her telling Jane’s story in the first person and therefore draws the audience in, sometimes confiding in us while at other times bringing humour when caricaturing others such as the truly unpleasant Mrs Reed.

The key characters are brought to life through Rebecca’s energy and superb vocal range and posture. The show allows the audience to recognise the struggles and challenges Jane faces while admiring her resilience and strong principles.

We are able to appreciate the depth of feeling between Jane and Mr Rochester and also the heavy weight of society’s expectations preventing them from being together.

The production allows us to fully understand the despair Jane feels when the truth about Mrs Rochester is revealed. At times it felt there were numerous actors on stage – such was the brilliance of Rebecca’s portrayal of the main characters as Jane’s story unfolded. The clever lighting and sound production also played a key part.

When finally Jane, now as a woman of independent means, was reunited with Mr Rochester ‘dear reader, I married him’ the audience were united in their delight – both in Jane’s happy ending and the superb production they had enjoyed!

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