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Yesterday was totally inspirational all round.  Kate was wonderful – so impressive.  She said that it was one of the most difficult talks she had evet given because she was surrounded by her family and friends who clearly mean so much to her.  She spoke fluently and naturally telling us about her life, dwelling very little on the negatives and much more on the positives and the great opportunities that life had thrown her way.  Inspirational is a word bandied about very easily these days but the word fits Kate exactly. The hall was full including the balcony and the talk was a huge success with several of us leaving the hall a bit teary!

Simon King gave an excellent talk to a very enthusiastic audience.  He is totally passionate about his work with the natural world  and the photography was breathtaking.  He has a very easy style, professional but conversional and his tale of his boyhood ambitions were very funny.  He took the audience with him all the way – a memorable evening.  I especially loved the big cats and the birds -a sequence with an osprey catching a fish was wild life photography at its best.

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