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What a treat we had, listening to ‘Passacaglia: Baroque undercover’. Five artists, all at the top of their game, but blending and playing together as one. 

Annabel Knight and Louise Bradbury played recorders, Oliver Webber violin, Robin Bigwood harpsichord and Reiko Ichise viola da gamba.

Each performer in turn told us a little about the music and about their instruments.

Several of the pieces were published under the name of a better known composer such as Vivaldi in order to boost its popularity!

There were several highlights at this superb concert – Reiko’s enthusiastic gamba playing and especially her solo was certainly one, but for me the playing of the Harmonious Blacksmith by Annabel and Louise was absolutely beautiful.

The playing of this excellent group was of the highest order but it is the nuances in their ensemble playing that makes them one of the best in the country.

How lucky we are to have been able to hear this professional ensemble in Thornbury as part of the Arts Festival.

One would normally expect to travel a distance and to pay high prices for a concert such as this. 

It is no surprise that there are many recordings by Passacaglia and that they have toured widely and featured on many BBC worldwide radio broadcasts. They really are the best!

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