'OH GOODY' REVIEW by Phyl Dykes

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‘OH GOODY’ REVIEW by Phyl Dykes

Thornbury Arts Festival   ‘Oh Goody’   15.04.2016

Most certainly ‘Oh Goody’ got the 2016 Festival off to a good start, indeed a very good start. With almost a full house and a relaxed, eloquent performer in Tim Brooke-Taylor OBE, the audience could happily succumb to a thoroughly engaging and entertaining evening. Tim was most ably presented and supported by his friend Chris Serle of ‘That’s Life’ fame who provided the shape for what was to be mostly an autobiographical occasion revealing the realm of strands in Tim’s lengthy, varied and hugely successful career in comedy.

Their recollections and anecdotes were punctuated by hilarious archive television and film clips, possibly the finest being where Tim was cast in the role of Maggie Thatcher in the Goodies spoof version of ‘Evita’. Following many fascinating diversions they concluded with the manic yet exhilarating , ‘The Goodies do the Movies’. Audience participation, via questions composed during the interval, was welcomed and revealing. During this session, as throughout the entire evening, Tim’s gentle skill with pace and timing proved both admirable and enviable. Sadly, many of the original recordings of the Goodies have not been saved but one felt that these festival-goers would clearly welcome return showings of the classics.                                                                         Phyl Dykes

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